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NIIK to increase urea unit capacity at Acron site, Russia

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NIIK and Novgorodsky GIAP have signed a contract to upgrade the sixth urea unit at Acron site, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, by increasing capacity to 2050 tpd.

The basis of the process is the advanced stripping technology concept, which has been realised after previous enhancement projects in India with 2500 tpd-capacity result.

Key features

  • Low cost due to use of urea grade steel material
  • Streamlined urea synthesis due to installation of a set of internal devices designed by NIIK into the reactor
  • Compliant with all modern environmental and safety standards regulations
  • The new facility will be equipped with a new synthesis unit, parallel distillation line of improved design, up-to-date effluent treatment unit, evaporation unit with capacity 200 tpd and other facilities.

    The unit under repair was initially designed using NIIK’s urea production technology URECON®2006 commissioned in November 2018. During operation, the unit reached maximum capacity and a decision was made to increase the output of the sixth urea unit to address the need for the additional raw material to be processed, and the shifting urea synthesis unit for lower pressure to unify compressor equipment.

    “We are pleased that our long term partner Acron selected NIIK’s ground-breaking technology thereby contributing to its future growth and development. It is a great and exciting milestone in NIIK’s history. We use state-of-the-art resources relating to plant maintenance and operation, material engineering and process and corrosion researching to develop and refine our own technologies”, Oleg Kostin, general director of NIIK, said.

    Source: https://www.worldfertilizer.com


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