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NIIK commissions new urea production unit for Acron

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NIIK, the Russian engineering company, has commissioned a new urea production unit, built with its own URECON®2006 technology. The project was completed last month at the Acron Group site in Veliky Novgorod, Russia.

URECON®2006 is a patented liquid recycle technology, which has been tested successfully during reconstructions of low capacity units. This process utilises brand new solutions with optimised hydrodynamics and highly efficient heat and mass transfer. One of the most important features is the lack of any other high-pressure vessels, except for urea synthesis reactor.

This project was founded on the principle of maximising the use of existing equipment, mainly synthesis reactor and pneumatic pumps. The new urea unit uses a backup synthesis reactor from an existing production line, which initially had a design capacity of 270 TPD. In order to intensify the process, NIIK equipped it with a unique Set of Internal Devices (SID), thus increasing capacity to 620 TPD. On top of the abovementioned SID, NIIK ensured high quality and on-time supply of other critical equipment.

NIIK engineers managed to complete the construction of a new urea unit in just one year. The project implementation in Veliky Novgorod was witnessed by several domestic and foreign companies that are willing to build similar production facilities with an NIIK license.

Source: https://www.worldfertilizer.com


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