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MAN Energy Solutions SE

MAN Energy Solutions SE., headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, is a world leader in production of turbomachinery equipment and high-efficiency diesel engines for marine and power applications. MAN ES designs two- and four-stroke engines (ranging from 450 kW to 87 MW), manufactured either by the company itself or by its licensees. Besides, the company designs and produces industrial gas turbines with capacity up to 50 MW, steam turbines with capacity up to 150 MW and compressors with volume flow rate up to 1,5 mio m3/h and pressure up to 1000 bar. MAN Energy Solutions product portfolio also includes turbochargers, turbomachinery equipment for oil and gas industry, power plants, adjustable propellers, chemical reactors and propulsion systems.

MAN Energy Solutions SE employs 14000 people at over 100 sites globally, with the main production facilities in Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, India and China.

MAN representative office in Russia was found in 1993. It’s main business direction is delivery of piston engines and turbomachinery equipment. However, MAN equipment was well-known to Russian customers long before it and was successfully used in Russia under the brands of our predecessors, such as: Sulzer, GHH, Borsig, B&W, etc.

Name of the company: MAN Energy Solutions Russia Ltd.

Location and profile:

Moscow office: piston engines for power plants, turbine sets and their maintenance (PrimeServ Turbo).

Saint Petersburg office: marine engines and systems, MAN piston engines maintenance service (PrimeServ Diesel).