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Investment Projects

Construction of a gas-to-chemicals complex on the premises of Stavrolen

Company: Lukoil

Investment: 5-7 billion US dollars

Lukoil company plans to develop a project for construction of a gas-to-chemicals complex on the premises of Stavrolen. FID was adopted in February 2018. The commissioning is expected not earlier than 2024. The new facility will process gas coming from the Caspian fields named Rakushechnoye and Kuvykina. As it was previously informed, the first phase of the complex would release carbamide, the second – polyethylene and polypropylene. The capacity of the plant is estimated at 5-7 billion US dollars.

Construction of an ammonia production complex Eurochem - North-West-2

Country: Russia

Company: EuroChem

Investment: 2,5 billion US dollars

Within the project it is planned to build a complex for production of 1 million tonnes of ammonia, 1.2 million tonnes of carbamide, and 1.4 million tonnes of methanol. The plant will be built in

Kingisepp. Overall investment is estimated at 1.5 billion US dollars. The construction of nitrogen facility could take 3-3,5 years. The commissioning is scheduled for 2023. The construction will be financed from own and loan funds. New capacities will be constructed on the site, where the company launched the first plant for ammonia production (1 million tonnes) in 2019. Maire Tecnimont SpA. is project’s contractor.

Construction of a methanol production complex in Ust-Luga

Company: RusKhimKom

Investment: 1 billion euros

RusKhimKom Company is planning to build a complex for methanol production in the Leningrad region before 2023. Within the project it is planned to build a methanol plant with the capacity of 1,8 million tonnes per annum, a methanol transmission pipe and an offloading facility in Ust-Luga. The company has already concluded an agreement to purchase 225 ha of land in the Kingisepp district; it also has an agreement with Gazprom Mezhregiongaz SPb on supply of 1,7 billion cm of gas before 2032. The decision was adopted on start and financing of “design documentation” stage.

Construction of a methanol production complex in Ust-Luga

Company: Baltic Gas Chemical Company

Investment: 1,5 billion US dollars

Baltic Gas Chemical Company has concluded an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHI) and Haldor Topsoe AS on design, construction, and operation of a methanol plant in Ust-Luga. It is planned that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be responsible for FEED and EPC for the project, while Haldor Topsoe will support MHI in basic design, delivery of catalysts and proprietary equipment. The project implies construction of a methanol plant with a capacity of 1,8 MTPA on the territory of Alexeevskaya industrial zone, infrastructure facilities, methanol transmission pipeline (48 km) and an offloading complex in the port of Ust-Luga.. Investment: 1,5 billion US dollars. The plant will be brought online in 2023. The project also includes the construction of a methanol transhipment terminal in the Baltics. To develop the project all the participants including Marubeni signed an agreement on trade and investment cooperation. The plant will be built based on safe and modern technology and it will be one of the biggest in the world in terms of per-unit capacity. The plant will

consume 1,6 billion cm of gas transmitted via Kokhtla-Yarve-Leningrad gas pipeline. The plant will be located in Ust-Luga (Leningrad region). Baltic Gas Chemical Company obtained the land rights for construction of the plant, deep-water sea terminal and a transportation corridor from the plant to the terminal and pipeline branch. This will allow to build all the production facilities, including the methanol plant, offshore terminal, and pipeline infrastructure. To supply gas to the future plant, the initiator concluded an agreement with one of the world’s leading producers. According to the concluded agreement, the producer will act as an investor in construction of an air separation unit, and as its operator after the start-up of the plant. The capacity of the air separation unit will amount to about 90k nm3/h. Outsourcing of industrial gases will allow to reduce capex and increase the efficiency of the project.

Establishment of a chemical cluster

Company: Chimprom (Industrial Technologies)

Investment: 50 billion RUB

A large-scale investment project to be commissioned on the premises of Chimprom. Project development will take several phases. The first phase starts in 2020. It implies the commissioning of the largest methanol plant in Russia with the capacity of 1 million tonnes of methanol per annum. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a nominated project designer. NIIK is engaged preparation of project documentation in Russian. EPC-agreement will be signed in the spring of 2021 alongside with contractor’s selection for turnkey plant construction. So far, feasibility study has been completed, documents for state expertise are being prepared, engineering research for project documentation is ongoing. Project developers plan to complete project documentation and receive approval from the state expertise before the end of 2020.

Production of fertilisers in Turkmenistan

Initiator: Turkmenkhimiya Group

Within the programme on increasing chemical potential of the country, a series of agreements were signed between Turkmekhimiya and foreign companies.

In early 2019, the national concern Turkmenkhimiya announced the start of an international tender on design and turn-key construction of a unit for production of complex mineral fertilisers. Construction of the unit is planned to take place in the Turkmenabat Chemical Plant in the Lebapsky district.

Besides, the international tenders were announced on selection of contractors for design and construction of a facility for production of granular ammonia sulphate and a facility to produce nitrogen-sulphate fertiliser Urea-ES at the plant Tedzhencarbamide.

Turkmenkhimiya and Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions agreed on understanding in execution of repair and rehabilitation works for Tedzhencarbamide to reach its nameplate capacity.

Turkemenkhimiya, Turkish GAP Insaat, and Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions concluded a MoU on the project for construction of a chemical complex in the city of Mary. The document confirms the intentions of the parties to build facilities for production of ammonia, carbamide, nitric acid, and ammonia nitrate.

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