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Status and Outlook of Nitrogen Fertilizers Industry in Russia

The report highlights: current state and challenges of the industry, development strategies of chemical and petrochemical complex in Russia up to 2030 and a lot more.

Development potential of the Syngas refining sector in Russia and the CIS

The report presents the most viable spheres of synthesis gas processing, projects on construction, reconstruction and modernisation as well as challenges of the industry, promising development drivers and a lot more outcomes significant for the development of the industry

Investment projects in Syngas and Nitrogen

A full list of investment projects in Syngas and Nitrogen in Russia and the CIS

Report on the results of the study “The investment potential of Syngas production and use in Russia”

In this report you will find the key challenges affecting business in the field of syngas production and use; the most promising Syngas application areas; effective innovations for the development of syngas projects; the most viable Syngas projects; key investment projects in the field of Syngas production and use at a glance.